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We're in the basement

Underground music veteransThe Mistons tap The Bread Truck to record them in their natural habitat.

Petra takes us on a walk-through of the Bread Truck and down into the basement where the band were playing.

Recording indie-style

Portland indie rock icons, and NE Portland neighbors Sean Croghan (Crackerbash, Jr. High), Allen Hunter (EELS), and Micah Kassell (The ForReals) recently forms a kind of indie supergroup, The Mistons. Croghan's high-energy vocals, cutting guitars, and wry lyrics mesh with Hunter's melodic basslines, and Kassell's high-energy drumming. As they worked up the new songs, it was clear they were onto something they wanted to capture with a sense of immediacy and intimacy. They called us to capture the songs in the place they were first created, which meant piloting the Bread Truck into Micah's driveway and recording the band in the basement of his Portland foursquare house. What we captured was joyous, raucous, infectious pop that sounds in-your-face and honest.

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