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Noise in the Attic

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Bread Truck makes a house-call, turning a cozy Victorian attic into a recording studio.

Mama Sam jams

Mama Sam & the jam have been rehearsing new material in the attic of Samantha's Victorian home, Prism House, which she shares with her partner and child. The band wanted to capture the vibe they were already getting, so they called for a Bread Truck house-call.

We rolled up with our mobile recording rig—a control room on wheels—along with all the microphones, headphones, and other studio gear. Cables ran from the third-story window down to the truck nestled in the shady driveway. After some set-up, the band were able to record four songs for an upcoming EP, including overdubbing vocal harmonies and tambourine parts.

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